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Funeral Celebrancy

   Honour & Celebrate a life

Arranging a funeral is part of the journey in preparing for life without our dear one. I love working with a family on the service, to make sure it's the 'perfect send -off'. I believe it can be incredibly healing to make sense of someone's journey through this life, once and for all.


service filled with love

I believe that in some shape or form, when we attend a funeral, we are actually bringing with us the Love we had for that person in their lifetime. Love is in the room, and so is Loss. And where the two meet is where the tears spring from. The act of gathering, to commune, is really important. My services are crafted with love...

Get in touch

I feel very fortunate to work with some lovely Funeral Directors around Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Shropshire. I limit the number of services I hold so that I can dedicate time and attention to each family. If you would like to talk more do get in touch. 

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