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Doula Support


End of Life Doula Support

An end of life doula is a knowledgable, supportive presence to help you navigate through the final days, weeks, months of life. We can act as a supportive handrail, a consistent presence along the palliative pathway. We provide emotional, spiritual and practical support for the dying and their family.

   What does a Death Doula do?

Whatever you need support with - whether it be practical help, spriritual guidance / coming to terms with things, advocating for your wishes, making plans and considering final wishes. Being beside to help and make the path through feel a little less alone.


What might you need?

  • Someone to talk to and help to come to terms with life changing news. 

  • Help with talking to children, sharing news, having the difficult conversations.

  • Making final plans, discussing funeral wishes, deciding on last wishes.

  • Signposting to services in the community.

  • Companionship and 'being beside' to tend and support.

How can I help?

If you feel that you would like some support in the end of life capacity, do get in touch. We can have a phone chat or meet up to see how I might be able  to help.

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